Help with skybox in SceneComposer

I am new to Jme3. I am creating scenes with terrain, textures, water, and sky. The sky is what is troubling me. I am approaching this inside of the scenecomposer, adding a skybox to the scene directly. I messed around with the settings and different sky textures and found something that works. I can only find one image that works and creates a nice looking sky ( without checking “sphere map”)

the others only work if you check “sphere map” when creating them otherwise the sdk shows the following error:
<span style=“text-decoration:underline;”>“Invalid texture: Image[size=384x192, format=BGR8, id=24]
Cubemap textures must contain 6 data units.”</span>

When I do check “sphere map” it looks like this, even for the

What causes this distortion?

I noticed the filetype for the one that works is .dds. is there something significant about this type? if so, do you know where I can download more skyspheres with the .dds extention?

oops my image url’s didn’t work!
here they are:
first one:

second one:

Can I please get some help with this topic? or should i post it in a different section? thanks in advance!

A sphere map needs to be stored in spherical coordinates, and a cube map (like needs to be a cube map. Those are particular format used in game industry. You can find softwares that make that kind of images.
However you can also use 6 plain pictures to make your skybox.

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One of the sample tutorials shows you how to use 6 jpgs images. Go and find it.

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