How can make Text3DMesh?

how can make Text3DMesh?

if you dont want dynamic text, you can use raw model like How to create 3D Text in Blender - YouTube

but if you want dynamic, then you would need write custom Text3d mesg generator (idk if any exist)

most text, even when in 3d space is 2d anyway.

oh i need dynamic text3d, looking Open source library.

Use Lemur Label & attach it to cube .

Which brings up a good point…

Do you need real 3D text where each letter is a 3D mesh with depth sides, etc…?

Or do you mean just a floating 2D label in 3D space?


that i anyway mentioned as “most text, even when in 3d space is 2d anyway.” :smiley: since OP didnt answer to that and just said “oh i need dynamic text3d, looking Open source library.” i assume he/she need real 3D text.

Me, too. But Pavl_G assumed the other way so I thought it best to clarify.

One approach , is that he can make 3d alphabets on blender , wrap them inside a jme class & refer to letters as an array , using setText would basically decode string into a 3d object & spawn that on the scene :slightly_smiling_face:.

yup, you are right, this sounds like most simple way. Tho still need to create it all.

yes i need text3d and have depth sides.

To create 3-D meshes for text, I use the jME-TTF library and a TrueType font to convert glyphs into a 2-D Triangles-mode mesh. Then I give the mesh depth by replacing each triangle with a prism.