How did you discover Jmonkey?

I want to thanks Loic Gullois for his great article on Jmonkey in "Linux + 01/2007" (France)  which make me discover this great tool !!  :smiley:

I think I just typed on Google:

java scene graph engine


wow, people are writing articles about us?  :-o

I read something when I was reading about LWJGL, for some reason this memory is linked to kevin glass's lwjgl tutorials on cokeandcode, not sure why.

feel free to post links if you ever come by anythings written about the engine…would be nice to gather some up

jjmontes said:

I think I just typed on Google:

java scene graph engine


That's literally how I found it.  Might have been:  'java 3d scene graph game engine' but there it was.

I didn't like Java until I was made to use SWING in class, then I came to fully appreciate object orientation and re-using code.  My peer a year ahead of me, a linux buff and Java pro, he slowly broke down the myths around Java.  When C# came out, and I saw that it was just a poor imitation with no large open-source community, I decided to make a full switch to Java.

I naturally found LWJGL… and after I made some prototypes to test out its performance and was satisfied with it.  I saw in the forums people mentioning Xith and jME among a few others… after looking at them I decided jME was the one for me.

I was looking for a Java Game Engine based on OGL and went through a ton of forums reading.  When I came upon JME, I realized that they were doing everything that I was doing in my engine, so I put my engine away and started using JME.  I think the actual link that pushed me to JME was on java gaming or something.  I don't remember, that was over 3 years ago (September or October 03).  I used JME for a few months before I actually signed up on the forums.  At that time, I was trying to find an engine that did everything I had put together in C/C++ but in Java where I was more comfortable.  Back then, I think my only other choice was GL4Java or J3D and I didn't like J3D.  I used some of GL4Java, but JME just made more sense to me.

My employer decided he wanted to explore 3D rendering for our simulation software. I had ZERO experiance in the area and I started with Java3D (based soley on its name). When I started getting into it I discoverd jME and learned it as well in half the time. Been using jME ever since, I think its clearly a better choice for my purposes.

I started with games in Java (around 2003-2004)  with creating a few MUDs from scratch, then moved on to messing with a book called "Developing Games In Java," and wasn't really satisfied, so after some research into Java3D and such, I found jME…probably through Google.  Was summer 2006 I started playing with jME, and only this summer I actually started doding more things with it and getting involved in these forums.  :smiley:

I read the mission statement of a project from called SpacePenguins which stated they would use JME - nothing special like an article.

Well, actually…

I've been using Java 3D engine for a long time. One day, I thought "Let's look at Wikipedia's entry for Java 3D" (I've looked on all entry's of things I know at wikipedia, it's a kind of time-spending for me). In the article was something about concurring engines, such as… jME. I thought "Lets visit the page", and I saw some screenies. It was immediately clear for me jME was a lot easier then Java 3d… so I started to convert my game to jME.