How do i find or create a game development team?

Since creating the best quality game cannot be quickly done alone, what do you guys think is the best way for me to start forming a game development team for my/our company?
Because i plan to build a video game and would love to see it powered by this game engine (JME) and right now i don’t know where to start making friends to work with.
Any ideas? :slight_smile:

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i know a lot of companies that just started with game made by 1-3 people and then after successfull title they expand much.

If you want team before that, then it would need to be some OpenSource project or you would need pay people money anyway.

Also its not like you cant do good quality game alone, but it take ton of time, years and years. and a lot of knowledge ofc, because even if 10 people, but without knowledge, then game will be low quality.

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How many games have you created already?

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pspeed is asking the right question. If the answer is none, I’d say you have a way to go and try to create a game on your own (set a small scope) to experience the complexity involved.

If the answer is you already know your way around game development and have tried it before in various forms, then perhaps reddits INAT-sub is a good place to start.

None for now


Yeah, then as mentioned, set your scope very small and make some simple games to learn the basics. I always recommend making an Asteroids clone because it is literally the simplest game you can make… and 100% of the things you learn doing it will apply to just about any game.

(For reference, an experienced game developer can make a simple Asteroids clone in a few hours, minus creating the sprites, sounds, etc… Someone completely new to gaming will take considerably longer but everything is leveling up.)

It’s like game-making boot camp.

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Thanks i understand. Soon i’m gonna give it a try and come out with something brain storming and i pray that JME won’t fail me :grin: :grin: :grin:
The only place i might face difficulties is the modeling part, because i don’t really do graphic designing, but at least i know how to make a game soundtrack.
For example: Start The Game music was composed by me. The music gives me idea on what my game should look like (Lab, Technologies, Aliens and Robots).

So now, i think it’s time for me to focus on JME :nerd_face:

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