How do I install jME physics2 or jBullet?


I need a physic engine

And installing api's isnt really what I usually do…

So I would need some help

Do you know how to install jMEphysics2 or jBullet and be able to run it with netbeans?

Because I got no clue, and the manuals explains in such incredible "hightech" language

that they dont even know what they are saying themselfs!

Example (how to install part):

Bullet should compile out-of-the-box for all platforms, and includes all dependencies.
 Windows Visual Studio projectfiles for all versions are available in Bullet/msvc. The
main Workspace/Solution is located in Bullet/msvc/8/wksbullet.sln
 CMake adds support for many other build environments and platforms, including XCode
for Mac OSX, KDevelop for Linux and Unix Makefiles. Download and install Cmake from Run cmake without arguments to see the list of build system
generators for your platform. For example to generate Mac OSX Xcode project files , run
cmake .

As it seems, you are trying to compile the source of the native bullet version there which will surely not give you physics in jme.

When using some external library in a java program you will mostly get some *.jar files, maybe some native dll files.

You will have to add the jar files and native dll file directory to the "classpath" of your java project. (Thats what you have to google for)

In Netbeans:

Thanks alot normen  :smiley:

I'm gonna try this now!

Oboy! I'v been waiting all day to get to know this info!

Thanks :slight_smile:

As expected I ran into some problems…

I did as you said:

Using jME2_0_1-Stable, I extracted it

Then took and imported all jars within the lib folder (including lib/lib but not all native jars, only the one that fitted my comp).

Then I ran my code written only in jME

And it worked :slight_smile:

But then I tried to change:

extends SimpleGame


extends SimplePhysicsGame

But it didnt give me, as it usually do, a way to add the import for the unimported class.

So I dont know if Im doing something wrong, but isnt SimplePhysicsGame import path:



Cause if it is, somethings not right with my installation of jMEphysics…

if import com.jmex.physics.util.SimplePhysicsGame; is suppose to be the right one

then I just wana say that one doesnt work either  :expressionless:

You imported the jme2 libraries and jme2 does not include jmephysics2. You have to build jmephysics2 (as far as I know there is no release version to download) and import the resulting jars/dll files.

Oh ya, riight…


To install jmephysics I should take all hars found here: ?

and import them?

To install jmephysics I should take all hars found here: ?
and import them?

The answer is: no! (There is only a juint.jar!?)

You have to checkout the whole project and compile it. Sad but true.
As far as I know I already send you this link but I do it again:

There should be enough information even you don't might use eclipse. Is right now doing very much to get jbullet connected to jME directly. Didn't use that as well.

PS: It might be a bit confusing right now with the phyics in jME.

There is one Physics-Layer (jME Physics maintained by falken) for that we got 2 implementation (Ode and jBullet). Did used it so I can't say anything about it. (URL: )

And normen is right now doing very much to get jbullet connected to jME directly. Didn't use that as well. ( )


Since installing jME physics is a real pain in the butt, I will try to install jbullet :slight_smile:

When doing so, should I find all jar files and import em, and that's it?

Come on,…give it a try and see.

For example: You could have followed the jbullet-jme link and look in the wiki. There ar some howtos.

Where is your initiative? If you keep your tactic asking a question before and after every step you won't

come far, Welt. And sooner or later the people looses their will to answer…

I'm a parasite!  :lol:

So if I dont succed now then I'll go to another forum

and suck out their information

But thanks for all help anyways :slight_smile: