How do I use ParticleMonkey?

Whenever a new guy is born on the little planet of Unga Munga, there should be some visual ‘introduction’. Currently they just appear and start doing stuff.

My first idea was that they would step out of an egg. But I think I need something simpeler, like some sort of magic effect. So I was looking into Particle Monkey, but the documentation is not finished and I can not find any examples how it is used.

Could anyone point me to some more info about this library?

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You can find some useful information in the project’s wiki, the most useful being this list of ParticleInfluencers which are what primarily make ParticleMonkey better than jme’s stock ParticleEmitters:

There also used to be individual examples showing how to use each ParticleInfluencer, but they appear to have been removed from the project’s master branch and I think the author of the library mentioned plans to include examples again last time it was mentioned, but I can’t seem to find them online anywhere now.

But I do still have the examples on my device from a past download of particle monkey, so I just uploaded them to a github repo, hopefully these are what you were looking for:

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