How i do performance tuning?

i am make a game like war3! but too much object in root Node! so low fps! where i can find the way to Finish this?

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You need to partition your scene and reduce the number of items on-screen at once. Partitioning means that when you’re zoomed in culling will effectively prevent off-screen geometry from being rendered. You can also use batching and instancing to reduce the number of draw calls.

Edit: Type this into a google search.

optimize site:

Yeah… the object count is something you need to keep your eye on. 31 299 is way too much, 1 000 is much but most likely doable. In the hundreds would be optimal.

Batching is one way to reduce the object count.

Jme has been optimized a lot since the old “keep your object count under 200” advice from 10 years ago. For a properly organized scene, 1000-2000 objects should be fine on desktop. (200 advice still holds for Android, I guess.)

31,000 objects is way out, though. I think no game engine on the planet would handle that very well.


This seems to still be true for me when using physics and onboard graphics. Even with just Lemur objects, 300 seems to be the max.

Was curious how much a difference a good graphics card would make. I guess thats the answer, 1k - 2k vs 300.

Eek… your draw call performance must really suck.

Even back when the last public Mythruna release went out in 2012, you could routinely have 1000+ objects on screen and tons of people were able to run it in ~2012 level hardware.

Yeah, I have a 750w power supply coming Sunday supposedly, a week delayed, that I plan to get stupid with. Should fix everything after that.