How many languages do we all speak here?

I guess the title says it all. I’ve noticed that a lot of people on the forums are from all over the world, so I was just wondering what languages were spoken.

I can speak English, decent French, basic Spanish, and very basic Russian.

ti si debil - “You are a dickhead” in Croatian
leck meine stiefel - “lick my boots” - German
merde - “shit” - French

And very poor English :slight_smile:

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I speak java, C, Python, arm assembler, C++, C#, PHP, …

Oh wait…human languages?

What would I want to talk to humans for???

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Question: How many languages do we all speak here?

Answer: One. English is the only language that we all speak here.


…come to think of it, there are probably people using Google Translate just to read this so… ZERO :smiley:

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@wezrule Awesome! You know how to start a fight in 4 different languages! :wink:

@zarch If we wanna get into that, I’m pretty limited there. Java, HTML, and basic C++. :smiley:

@monkeychops Fair enough. xD

I could have gone on for a while, last time I counted I think I got to 16 and that was quite a few years ago.

I speak LD, mental retardation and spaz fluently.

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French and english for me.

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@t0neg0d said: I speak LD, mental retardation and spaz fluently.

maybe you do qualify for core dev after all! You may have to increase your grumpiness a little though

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English and French (French Canadian native).

I mostly hate social interactions so I barely speak. I grunt and mumble while gesticulating randomly. It gets people’s attention and they leave me alone. :stuck_out_tongue:



English, French, German and Luxembourgian fluently

then, basics of: Dutch, Italian, Portuguese

@mifth said: Russian..

Your countries videos are awesome!!

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I’m imagining a “Russian driving” game… that’s certainly going to tax Bullet!
Though I wouldn’t say that these videos are proof of reckless driving in Russia, just that there are more car cams installed there than elsewhere.

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@wezrule I loved the part of that video where the guy stops in front of his car and waves his arms to get him to stop, then just lays down on the hood and goes “Ahhh…” xD

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Back on topic, in roughly chronological order:
German, English, Latin, French, ELAN, Pascal, Ada, x86 assembler, 68000 assembler, C, Fortran IV, C++, various Basics, Lisp, Prolog, Clipper, RPG IV (oh the horror), Eiffel, SQL, HTML, PHP, Haskell, Java, Python. Plus whatever I have forgotten.
Didn’t reach mastery in all of them, would have to invest time to get back into mastery for some. Learning a programming language isn’t too hard after half a dozen of them; learning a new paradigm is, getting into the available libraries isn’t hard but tedious.