How to change ChaseCamera zoom resolution

I’m using a ChaseCamera, and I want the player to be able to slowly zoom in and out. The problem is that I’m zoomed in on my scene, I scroll down once using the mouse, and suddenly I’m zoomed way out; this interval, between the zoom distances, is the problem.

Zoom sensitivity does nothing (chaseCam.setZoomSensitivity(0.01f)). Zoom speed and smooth motion are neither the problem or the solution. I want to decrease the interval between discrete zoom distances.

zommSensitivity is the correct parameter to play with. but there was an issue in RC2.
This has been fixed in nightly.
you can safely take the ChaseCam code from nightly and make your own in your project, if you don’t want to go to nightly.

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Alright, I’ll check out the nightly releases.

[EDIT] Works as intended!