How to create a custom 3D file import plugin?


I want to write an importer for a certain 3D file format to import meshes from an external scene editor. I have the basic structure of this file format already worked out as I once wrote such an importer for another engine in C++ a few years ago. I also have a bit of experience creating custom meshes. When I’m done I want to publish this plugin, so other users can benefit from it. How should I tackle this in JME?

I had a look at the documentation, which explains the basics of developing an SDK plugin. But how can I develop it so that it integrates with the SDK just like the Blender importer? I want to be able to right click a file in the asset browser and import it to a j3o file and maybe let it check for file changes (auto re-import functionality).

Basically I want to make sure to do it right before I start this project, so any hints are greatly appreciated!


basically for the first time i would concentrate on writing the loader for the file format so the assetmanager can load them.
The j30 part is just an export after that that is done in the sdk. So if it is loadable, it can be made to j3o.

  1. Loader for the fileformat
  2. SDKplugin for the button (i cant really help here, but the sdk uses the netbeans platform as a base, so it’s similar to netbeans plugins)
  3. Seeing on how to integrate both, as a sdk plugin containing both, as maven modules ect.

In short, just write the loader first, the rest is pretty flexible as long as it follows the assetmanager way it should work.

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Thanks for the valuable information guys!

So I’m going to write the core asset loader first (in a modular way) inside a normal JME project. Afterwards I’ll then try to wrap that up as a model importer plugin for the platform.