How to create a Planets atmosphere

i am trying to create an atmosphere around my planet.

Currently its just a transparent Sphere which is a bit bigger than my earth. But it dosen’t look really good.

I want somehting like the following:

How can i do that?

Can i create fog around the planet or maybe a strong bloomeffect only for the earth ?

I am sure this question has come up before, but i couldn’t find anything in the forum.

Not that much help, but I think you’re the first actually :slight_smile:

We do have a bloom effect… there’s some tests in the jmetest package for it (just search for bloom). Not sure you should “bloom” your earth itself though, since you’ll probably want a more uniform color for your “blooming” than something based on the earth texture.


i knew it, how could i possibly miss that post  :slight_smile:

Also this post:

Sky Scattering in jME:

MrCoder said:

Nothing is hard when using jME ;)

Faster youtube version:

Id suggest going the Rayleigh and Mie scattering GLSL (shader) way for optimal effect. I've read a couple of papers on these scattering methods and they blew my head away. So be careful.

it looks really nice with shaders and stuff, but i am afraid thats a bit too advanced for me right now.

i have to fix some more basic things first :slight_smile:

but i will look into it if i have some spare time.