How to create a voxel engine with the "stupid" method


I am pretty new around here but I have been searching the topics for a good tutorial of how to create a basic voxel engine. I have managed only to find something about a starter kit but I haven’t been able to find the code related to the post since the link is outdated(it was created in 2011).

What I am trying to do is to create a simple Voxel Engine using the so called “stupid” method.

Is there anything to start from, besides the tutorials ? Or can anyone help me?

Thank you very much !

Theres a plugin with a voxel library called “Cubes” in the plugin repo (Tools->Plugins in the SDK menu).

Hi normen,

Thank you for your answer. I found the cubes module, but the clases are compiled and I don’t have the sources to take a look. Anyway I want to start from scratch.

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What is the “stupid method”?

If it’s using actual cubes… then it’s not the “stupid method”… it’s the “impossible method”.