How to develop and test your game for cross-platform

Hey guys,

we wrote an article on common caveats during cross-platform development,
as well as how to setup a testing environment with a minimal budget :smile:

We talk about development for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U.
Of course the desktop part is the most relevant for Java game development :wink:


the current work on our learning AI for Project Aleron is coming along nicely, but we won’t have anything exciting to show you until next month. We have a big update coming!

In the meanwhile, we want to bust a common myth in game development: “Cross-platform development is expensive”.

This is incorrect and we want to give you insights on how to support multiple platforms (desktop, mobile and console) without large costs and why people think that cross-platform development is expensive.
In the second half we offer testing advice and recommend cheap hardware.

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I would like to add something I find useful. Interfaces and Abstract classes are your friends in cross platform development. They can become a time saver since you can separate the core common game code and the platform specific one (such as user inputs, unique features) and you don’t have to rework much

…it is expensive for indies because you have to obtain debug consoles (that costs) and once you want to publish your game on PS or Xbox, you will have to pay to M$ or $ony, about 20-25K USD, if im not mistaken, for your title to be published.

I think the best bet would be to get an android console first and start from there. Almost, if not all android consoles can be used to develop games on as well like any Android device.

Nvidia Shield or Fire TV (sometimes Ouya) are cheap alternatives

What is your source for those prices? If you have none, are you breaking your NDA on one of the last-gen consoles?
This information is incorrect for current-gen consoles.

Current gen Xbox One Devkits are free if Microsoft approves of your idea.
Looking at the published indie games on Xbox One, the stakes aren’t high.

I heard the PS4 Devkit cost somewhere between 2-4k $ from people on the internet who failed to understand their NDA.

The Wii U Devkit is supposed to be “cheap for Indies” as well. Nobody was able to comment on that publicly though.

Simply connect a controller to your PC. The hardware is much more similar than that of an android device (ARM vs x86)

…information is 4 years ago during outsource work i did and had discussions about particular topic related to project i was working on with some other people…i do have license for PS3/4 and Xbox360/One, but this information is not from my attempt to publish my game on consoles as i didn’t do any on my own…only outsource work for consoles…

Yes and No:

While connecting a controller to your PC will solve the interface issue. The other problem is the hardware itself.
While the architecture may be the same, the capabilities are different and you may have to cut corners.

Though I’m not in a position to confirm or deny. If I were targeting a console, PS4 would be the first one so it’s the one I try to keep an eye on.

Mine would be the NX if the rumor about Android Emulation were true