How to disable rotation in ChaseCam

Hi everybody,

I have a small question about my little project.

Is there any way to disable rotation when i using ChaseCam ?

I want to do camera like in Warcraft or StarCraft2 but I got stuck at this stage.


you could try playing with setDragToRotate(true) which will yeild similar results to an RTS camera.


you could try setRotationSensitivity(0);


you could try setting setMaxVerticalRotation() and setMinVerticalRotation() to the same value, same for setMinHorizontalRotation() and setMaxHorizontalRotation()


you could try extend it and set canRotate to false


you could try having a look at this post which is an RTS camera control


there are a couple of other avenues to explore if these don’t help :slight_smile:

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