How to get 2d slices from a 3d model?

I want to do 3d image segmentation in Java, and for this I need to get 2d slices of a 3d-model.

Does Jme3 offer a way for doing this?


JME is a game engine… and as such doesn’t really need to do this kind of 3D modeler type of shape manipulation. Certainly not out of the box.

I mean, you could render slices or something and capture them as images but that’s all on you… JME can provide you the means to render them but you will have to structure things to render the slices, capture the slices, etc…

Okay I understand. The problem is that I’m new to the world of 3d processing, so I have no idea what would be appropriate for this.

Do you happen to know of some 3D modelling software that allows you to automate built in manipulation tools? (The solution doesn’t have to be pretty, so this is maybe the easiest way.)

(shrug) Blender can be scripted with Python.

Either way, the bulk of the work is going to be in your code… as I don’t know if this sort of slicing is readily needed by most people. So the math of actual slicing will be on you… either by ‘cheating’ rendering slices or by doing the actual math (ugh).

You might want to check out Boolean Operation on models.

Eg. in blender getting a “slice” of an 3d model is as simple as applying a boolean modifier. There are many videos about this on youtube: Tutorial: The Boolean Modifier in Blender - YouTube

Regarding jme3, I have found this thread that mentions them: (boolean operations on mesh)

If you are not familiar with the concept of boolean operations, I would suggest trying it first in Blender.

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I think that could work, Thanks!