How to get the ”collided” ragdoll bone name

how do u get jme to return the name of a collided ragdoll bone and also how well do ragdolls “interact” with each other.

edit: nevermind about the first part got it

@mcbeth said:
how well do ragdolls “interact” with each other.

they should collide with each other. Each bone has a collision shape, so each bone is acting like any other object in physic space, except they are linked to each others.

I added a second copy of sinbad to the the ragdoll character test and observed shaking going when they “collided” I imagine they moved through each other due to the non physics movement. I trying to create a “really really close melee combat system” but character control by it self will not work my idea is to use a very very tiny physics character with a high step size and depend in the ragdolls for collision detection …collision response is where I’m still kinda lost but I think the usercode physics camera could shed some light on that …I hope…um is that good idea :?

If its in kinematic mode it will obviously not collide. Games use a combination of pre-known animations that work well with each other and only some simple collision physics mostly (e.g. capsule), only very few games have “full” physics for a whole character, like some boxing games. But then its only two characters. Just use capsule for collision with the character and then the extremities can move the environment and other characters via the animations and their kinematic properties. This means you can push another character but not its arm.

Oh no I not talkin about full physics I know how crazy advanced that shit is…I’m using pre-made animations myself…I’m talking about keeping the character from slipping through each other and the environment, the problem with physics character is that it can only standing and cannot not rotate or scale to fit the orientation, shape or size if that changes… e.g slide under a table

Just combine a character and a rigidbodycontrol and make a CollisionGroupListener that avoids them colliding with each other.

@normen said:
Just combine a character and a rigidbodycontrol and make a CollisionGroupListener that avoids them colliding with each other.

yeah I know about that, wouldn't solve my issues though, that's why I'm trying to use ragdoll collisions for the simple fact that they will always....I assume anyways "fit" the character, the only other option I would have with your approach would be the have the character Control and rigidbody fail to collide with items in the scene for special instances................I'm gonna work some bits with my idea and see what happens

No, thats wrong. The characters will collide with the other characters kinematic bodies and the kinematic bodies will influence the world. The character of all players will collide with the world. Thats why I said CollidionGroupListener, you will have to check manually if the collision is between the character and the rag doll of one spatial (tip: both are controls on the spatial)

ok one last thing how do u listen for bone on bone collisions could find an example and nothing I have tried sends messages to console I try to send “sys outs” the the console for now

anybody…can it be done… maybe I am registering the second bone or ragdoll wrong or something …I can post the code this afternoon if u like but a simple explanation would help