How to get the coordinates of vertices of a translated Box?


i create a Box with min-max Vectors, then i rotate and translate it (local). Now i have to check if the translation/rotation was correct. I thought about checking the coordinates of the single vertices and see if they're around the coordinates they should be.

But with Box.computeVertices(), it seems that i get the coordinates of the vertices before the rotation/translation.

Do i have to call an update-function? Tried some but they didn't make a difference.

Thanks for your help!


PS: Feel free to suggest a more intelligent way to check the correctness.

I don't think there are any built in methods to retrieve specific vertex coordinates. But you can get the  world location, rotation and scale and do the proper math to get it. Location is easy, scale not so hard, and rotation the hardest to factor in, for me at least… Maybe someone with can give you an outline of that math.

Use Spatial.localToWorld() to get from model to world space.

or spatial.getWorldCoords(coordsBuffer)