How to honor your work in a game?

Hey guys,
together with a friend I’m programming a little game in jME.
As for the game intro, I wondered how to refer to the engine. Is there an image etc. to show that the game was developed in jME, like it’s done often in other engines?

Gives me an idea: @Coredevs: Where can I find the highest resolution version (original) for the monkey head next to the jMonkeyEngine text (appears in upper left of the forum)? If not available to public, please ask the artist who made that Logo + Text. Thanks! :chimpanzee_smile:

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my idea was to use the image of the loading screen of the jME

I’m actually curious where the best monkey head is myself… don’t know if we have a media page on the ‘wiki’ but I also haven’t looked. If not then we probably should.

Maybe I shall summon the @erlend_sh to see if he knows because I’m kind of strapped for time to search.


The two things that the OP and me asked for are not there. :chimpanzee_sad:
The two things are:

  1. the splash screen when starting the SDK
  2. the monkey head together with text (the same like in upper left corner of this forum)

EDIT: in good (best) resolution - which might be in the original files

After earching I found this one for you

Well, that’s the obvious one. I would like it in better resolution. :chimpanzee_smile:

This post has likns to hi res logo Jme logo - #21 by Momoko_Fan

EDIT also the full monkey

I didn’t realize, that I get this image by just right-clicking on it; I searched the forum for it :sweat:

Does anyone know the name of the font used in that jMonkeyEngine graphic from the forum?

you can see some “powered by” in this topic JME splash screen - #44 by pspeed

After searching again, I found this aswell, but thanks
Unfortunately, the “original” splash screen isn’t there

The font is named “Foo”

Hah. Typical. Did Baz and Bar make it?

the 3.1 alpha splash screen is cool specially if your game contains horror or drama :smile:

Thank you :heart_eyes:
…it’s a horror game XD

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