How to import .ASE to Odejava?

I want to know how to load complex model to Odejava and make its has the correct collision.

Now I get GeomTrimesh and make the geom but other object not colide with my object, they go through it.

Any one can tell me?

Well, you're not on an OdeJava forum here :slight_smile:

You can learn from the forums here how to load model files into jME and I can explain to you how you would get jME Physics 2 collision geometries for it… but is that what you want?

OdeJava itself has no generic method for creating physics for a loaded model as far as I know.

have a look at the source on how jmephysics does it through these lines:

StaticPhysicsObject obj = new StaticPhysicsObject(spatial);


I think, I wiil change from Odejava-Xith3D to use jME. My project is game that strict about physics but I use not to learn about. If who have the simple example for beginner please help me. I spend more time about Odejava for trimesh(I want to import complex geom from 3dmax and make the correct collision) but it is not work well.

                                                                                  Thank you very much for suggestion

I'd suggest doing some simple jME stuff first (without physics) - there is much to learn on the Wiki and this board. Also have a look at some tests in the jME source.

When you are familiar with jME itself a bit. Check out jME Physics 2 and go through the short tutorial (somes with the sources).

Afterward you will have gotten an idea how to make own experiments.

Though you will have to learn about physics simulation if you want to use it, I'd say :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for suggestion. But my game must be finish on December. Now I need to know what way to import model that create with 3ds(.obj, .ase, …) to make PhysicsGeom in jME. Could jME can do that?. I try to do the same thing in Odejava, it can work but when the object move fast the body will go through the geom. This is my problem and I think jME will help me. Is that correct? If my english is bad I am sorry. Thank you very much

Fast moving objects are a general problem for ODE. So you will have the same issues with ODE, OdeJava and jME Physics 2. The only way to solve such problems is to circumvent them by other measures: e.g. you can cast a ray on the path of your object and check that for collisions etc.

And what time ever your game should be finished, if you want to write your game in a programming language (like Java), use game engines and scenegraphs (like jME) and use a complex physics libarary (like ODE), you will have to learn a lot. No cool library can avoid this.

Another option would be choosing some great game development kit where you don't need programming and physics simulation skills.

In fact, now I can write game with Odejava-Xith3D. But only problem that I tell you is when the object move fast. Do I need to use jME?

And I don't understand about the way that you tell me to solve this problem :?. I am sorry about that. If you dont mind please explain it again. :smiley:

This is my first game that use 3D. Thank you very much :wink:

just like irrisor says, if the object moves very fast it can "jump" over another object because ode only does intersection tests. to detect that you would have to do swept collision, in between collisions or cast a ray from the previous position to the new(but the latter is not very accurate). ode does not do that by itself.

either lower the delta step time, constrain the objects speed or try to use easier objects like planes(that only has one side of collision)

in between collisions or cast a ray from the previous position to the new(but the latter is not very accurate).

if you have an example code please show me. I am sorry I don't understand it :?.