How to integrate the engine with VR

Hi all! I’m creating a project for Virtual Reality and in the process I came across this engine. Tell me, can I integrate VR with it?

I’m at university now. I am working on an individual project, the essence of which is to create a VR application for studying geometry. (Yes, I got myself into a big pile of shit)

Help me pls :wink:

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Have no VR Hardware but would start with that:

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To plug Tamarin a bit (I’m its author).

  • VR Extension library for jMonkey (just in case that isnt clear)

  • It uses OpenXR to connect to headsets; this is the new industry standard for virtual (and augmented) reality

  • It provides built in starter hand models so you can have working hands with negligible work

  • Still under active development for advanced features (support for multiple viewports per eye will probably be being added later this week) but complete for common workflows.

  • Tested with a number of headsets with both Windows and Linux (Linux support for VR is a bit hit and miss in general, but Tamarin supports as much as is generally supported)

  • The same highly permissive licence as JMonkey

  • Easy GrabControls to make JMonkey geometries grabbable and movable by the hands

  • Integration with lemur UIs so hand interaction with UIs in 3D space is easy (either by touching with the finger tips or pick lines)

An example application showcasing features can be found at TamarinTestBed or you can start a basic project for yourself using the initialiser (Select JME VR & Tamarin)

Core JMonkey does support OpenVR (the still relatively modern VR standard; but people are beginning to move away from it. And I do think OpenXR is better in a number of ways).

What hardware do you use? And what runtime (e.g SteamVR)


Can i get ur Discord for talk w u?

(My : wolfsurwail )

Im not on discord I’m afraid. If you want to private message me on this forum that might be the best way to have a non public chat (Click on my name > Message).

Note to OP: when the questions and answers happen here, they help everyone.

I’ve repeated this quote so often that I no longer remember where I got it, paraphrased:
“Public help for free is altruism, private help for free is slavery.”
…and while it may be a harsh way to put it, the point is still in there.


@pspeed is very right, the community can help in many ways (especially if you are a newbie).

The JME3 wiki is a good place to start (VR)

@WolfSurwail What did you decide in the end?

(Basically I want to know if with the documentation you were able to achieve what you wanted on your own, or if there was something missing in Tamarin that made you choose something else)