How to know the structure of .obj file

Well, i got a .obj that i converted to .jME, but how can i see the tree-like structure of the object, or at least to show a list of nodes.

I noticed when i printed the children of the model in the console that while my

ex-obj file showed [temp0 (com.jme.scene.TriMesh)](so the only child was a Trimesh),

in flag rush lesson8, it showed [tdS Scene (com.jme.scene.Node)](a Node as a child, and an apparently custom name)

Is this difference because the flag rush file was, before jme, 3ds, and mine waas obj?

And with a Trimesh is there a hierarquical structure or is it just the image itself?

Thanks in advance

Scene Monitor and Scene Graph Dump will both do what you are looking for.

afaik, the ObjToJme converter creates a Node and adds N TriMeshes to it. Here's the kicker: ObjToJme combines ALL geometries in the .obj file to one TriMesh if said geometries use a common material.

So: if you have a room object and door objects and you use the same material for them (defined in the .mtl file), the converter will create one TriMesh. If you define and use a 'room' material and a 'door material' the converter will create two seperate TriMeshes that use the names of the materials.

I think its stupid but thats the way it works.

Thx for the help, but since i dun have the mtl and i have the .3ds, for now i will use it.