How to make a invisible Quad that displays text?

what i want is like: A Quad of the size of the screen in orthogonal view, that will display text(what i don't know how to) and the Quad must be invisible, but display the text, but i think that depending on how i do it, the text will end up being invisible too, so i want to know the right way to do it!

it will be for a adaptation of the way RPGMaker does the windows of the menus. it uses a image, and then cut it into pieces and put together into a window. i managed to do the cut and put stuff, so the window boarder is working as intended, however i have no idea on how to add text to the window!

to make it easier to understand what the class does, i will send a screen of a "window" and the HUD base image to make it. also please note that the quality of the base image is horrible, and so the quality of the window will be, but i can't install GIMP at my work, so i have to keep with MSPaint…

Edit: added a better HUD base image and a SS of it

thx in advance

Guedez said:

...but i can't install GIMP at my work, so i have to keep with MSPaint....

Hahaha! Working hard I take it!

just noticed the existance of the "Text" class… i guess it is the correct way to do it.

well, since my work(that is in fact a internship, that in fact is a excue to get cheap workforce) is to wait for a computer to break, and then fix it, i can do things like program on it!