How to make sun?

Sorry for my bad language, i pray you can understand it)))

Hello, i’m newbie in jmonkey, already read all tutorials and yeah i created sun light and shadows but now i have problem - i want a sun, you know, something round and moving, but i cant have any idea how to make it. First i tried sky factory but i cant even see when my “sun light” is, so i could correct direction of sun light(because sun on left and light(and shadow renderer) on right looks weird =) ). My second thought was to make just sphere, but then i realize that it must be HUGE sphere far from land scape of game, and i think it will get a lot of resource, and again this trouble - i cant know where is my light so i can correct sun with light. Can you give me some idea how to make it and also making it move, because this sky factory images just stand no more.

P.S. Sorry if i missed topic)

I guess it sort of depends on the kind of game you’re making. If you’re planning on just sticking to the ground (like with a FPS game) your sphere doesn’t need to be HUGE or even a sphere. It just needs to be some sort of circle that looks as big as the sun as it would on the surface and stick it on your skybox and attach your light source to the same point as the sun circle.


You could just search through the forums and you’d find this: Which may give you some ideas. :slight_smile: