How to make the bone can see?

Hi guys, I am using BoneDebugger to draw the bones, but as my result, the bone is covered with the skin as the screen : [my result.JPG], and I expect the result as : [expected result.JPG], could somebody help to check it out what is wrong, many thanks~

The explanations in the Skeletons section of the HottBJ Animation Tutorial explains the phenomena you are seeing.  Read the notes under the image for step 5.IV. of that section.

Hi blaine, thx for your answer, but maybe I haven`t describe my problem clearly. I think there is no matter when I create the model or export the model in blender, because for these 2 phenomena, I use the same .md5mesh and 2 different program to show the bones. The first screen(the incorrected one) is the result loaded by my program, the second is the result by another program. So I guess maybe it is caused by lighting or some other setting, but not the model I am using.

Oh.  Sorry for the mis-direction.  The legs on your model seem to not be showing the leaf nodes.  But you've explained that that isn't the real problem.

:slight_smile: thanks all the same