How to make toon ramp effect look "baked in"

Can the toon ramp be made to look like it “combined” with the model texture as opposed to being overlayed like a “wet clear coat”…I have worked with the ramp in gimp a bit and combined with playing with the lights kinda eliminate the clear coat effect…not really going for the glossy look, trying to get close to my custom blender toon setup, I know won’t achieve a 100% reproduction of it, but I am trying for as close as I can get

I have attached a render of my blender setup to demonstrate what I am trying to do

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I don’t know if this is what you mean but in blender material tab>specular lower the intensity slider and see if that’s what your after.

I don’t think u understand…the pic posted above is fine…that’s my “cut scene” I am however trying the get the in game shader to look as much like that as possible…I been able to tweak the ramp packaged with jme to kind of get there but It still looks overlayed…is they a setting I can use to make the ramp look more “blended” or “absorbed” into the diffuse texture on the tree from within jme3 see below…I am going for a contrasty tungsten lit feel

ok I,m starting to get this where I want it to be

I don’t know about the toon effect, but in the first image you do have a bit of Fresnel effect going on. I don’t know too much about it so maybe someone else can help, but I know fresnel is when surfaces reflect more light when the angle to the viewer is very close to 90 degrees. That’s why the two people have so much “glow” on some of the edges.

the image in the first post is my blender rendering pipeline, I’m attempting to as near as possible replicate it in JME3

Yes, if you want that in jme you might want to look into adding fresnel.

Can you show your blender nodes setup?

there is quite a lot going on in that file to create the effect… material and rendering node and the Light labelled character light which in my setup isn’t intend to actually be light, but a mean to affecting the toon look by adding tungsten sheen directly to the characters, did not find a material based solution that looked quite as good

file is scaled down and requires 2.79 due too filmic adding quality to renders

@8Keep123 did u have an opportunity to look at the file…how much of that, if any can be replicated in jme3, I no shader expert but I think the processes I went through to get that result will take some doing in jme3, right