How to manipulate objects

I’m a new user in community.
First of all, Hi all

I’m a complete beginner in game development. My purpose is to build simulations that will include interaction of humans with objects.
eg- they will try to operate a fire extinguisher using touch on its various triggers in real life object.

After taking a few tutorials in beginner section, I have concluded that we design mesh models in blender and add rigging and skinning to them. Make animations of them (in blender itself) and play them by code using jMonkey. However in my case I want to manipulate objects. I have a few questions regarding this.

  1. Is it possible to animate things using their bone structure(armature) in jMonkey (inverse kinematics etc).
  2. I want my object (a fire extinguisher) to behave in a certain way when clicked at different parts.
    eg- clicking on plug will unlock the fire extinguisher and the plug will fall down. Then clicking on know will start the fire extinguisher.

Another thing is jMonkey right tool for the thing that I’m doing. i want to build simulations basically.

  1. yes jme actualy only supportsbone based animations
  2. yes, you have to detect where you press and then fire the action, this could be archived with multiple ways
    One possibility is to use different objects with defined names and just lokk at the name of the picked object.
    Another would be to use a secondary layer of texture that is not renderd but contains certain color encoded parts.

Thanks a lot…
I will look into these and will ask if I get blocked somewhere…
Thanks a lot for your help…

Note however theres no IK, you have to move the whole set of bones. If you come to implement IK we’d be happy to add it to the engine :wink:

Me and JMonkey is going to do a lot of business but for now, I’m not capable enough…

<cite>@normen said:</cite> Note however theres no IK, you have to move the whole set of bones. If you come to implement IK we'd be happy to add it to the engine ;)

Is kaesthalis working on 1 for the blender importer? And what’s the sinbad in your beta video getting hit in the crotch using? If no one is working on it, then I can maybe (note maybe!) look at it. Seems like a nice math challenge :slight_smile: with orgasmic results

We have ragdoll, that’s different from IK though.