How to migrate a 3D libgdx project to jme3?

I have a libgdx 3D project
How to migrate a 3D libgdx project to jme3?

This is a bit broad question… The answer is “by doing it”.

It would help a ton if you had more specific questions. Like what are you stuck on now exactly?


I used a lot of gl renders in libgdx, how can I modify a small amount of code to make it work in jme3? It should take over some rendering from the bottom

Are you procedurally generating 3D objects, loading objects, or handling 3D with shaders? I am a bit confused.

Each has it’s own solution and we can help you if you have an example of what you want to achieve


Libgdx is a low level engine while jme is high level engine. You dont get access to low level commands like you do in libgdx.

It will be a huge change to code to convert over.

It would be best to give an example of just one area, so someone could point you to a path.

The other things is go through tutorial to see how the structure of jme is define. Thus way it give you an idea what you need to do to convert to jme.

You dont have to deal with all those low level processes like libgdx. Between appstates and controls it takes care of a lot of what you have to do in libgdx