How to reduct VertexBuffer index?

Now I have a mesh only contains point, no triangles. I’m working on point could LOD.

public void bakeLods(Mesh mesh, float... reductionValues) {
	int lodCount = reductionValues.length;
	VertexBuffer[] lods = new VertexBuffer[lodCount + 1];
	int numBakedLods = 1;
	lods[0] = mesh.getBuffer(VertexBuffer.Type.Index);
	// TODO

LOD as it’s implemented in jme won’t work if you have no triangle.
You will need several meshes and switch them with the distance.

And how to switch geometry’s mesh by setMesh?
I tried, but not work.

	public void setLodLevel(int lodLevel) {
		if (lodMeshs.length > lodLevel && lodMeshs[lodLevel] != getMesh() && lodMeshs[lodLevel] != null) {
			System.out.println("PTSGeometry.setLodLevel()..." + lodLevel);

ha I answered in your other thread :wink:

I can switch mesh now. But multi have repeat point data. So the memory takes up a lot of.
I think I should use Vertex Index to reduct mesh.
Can you provide any help?

Indices are what indicates opengl how to draw faces between vertices… If you don’t have faces you don’t need Indices. And you can’t use them for lod.