How to rotate a few more angles around Y axis

I’m new to JME and 3D math in general.
My question:
I would like to rotate a given model 10 more angles around Y axis.
What is the best way (most accurate and most efficient) way to do so?

Thank you very much,


geom.rotate(0, 10 * FastMath.DEG_TO_RAD, 0);

I strongly recommend the tutorials

Thanks. working!!!
So simple…
BTW the model is rotating as expected but it looks like there is a clone still in the initial position (like the screen is not rendered correctly…)

known issue?
Thanks again,

Then you have two objects there and will have to debug your scene graph.

Edit: ie: the problem is in your code… which only you can see.

You were right.
I had two objects loaded in to the scene.