How to superimpose an hexagonal grid over a terrain?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a way to superimpose an hexagonal grid over a terrain (which is not flat, obviously), showing only the outline of each hexagon.

Any idea ? If it's obvious I don't see it :wink:

Thanks !

You could create a tileable texture and set it as a detail texture on the terrain assuming you mean the TerrainBlock and TerrainPage classes in jME (the flagrush tutorial in the wiki has an example of this). I think it would work.

Hm, i remember MonkeyWorld3D doing someting like this with it's terrain brushes.

They draw one realtime movable circle projected on the terrain, but with the underlying algo it should be possible to draw a grid of hexagons instead.

So i'd take a look at their code or ask how they did it.