How to texture a simple plane in Blender jME-ready?

I’m currently falling into despair because I’m not able to create a simple 2-dimensional plane in Blender, assign a texture to it, export it and use it in the jMonkeyEngine. Well, more precisely - I’ve created a plane (that’s not very difficult in the end), I even textured it, exported and imported it, but when I import it, the texture’s missing and the plane’s just green instead of showing the grass texture. I guess the reason is that I didn’t UV map it, and here starts the problem, because I read several tutorials (including that one in the jME docs) and watched as many videos as I could find, but I still don’t exactly know what to do. The jME docs don’t really help with that, either, because I guess they’re created for people who are already familiar with tools like Blender.

So here’s my question - can somebody please either give me a short tutorial on how to paint the texture on the plane in order to successfully import it to and use it in the jMonkeyEngine or provide a link to a beginner-oriented tutorial that covers this topic? I’d be extremely greatful.

I’m currently creating a card game for my bachelor thesis and need that plane as my board. Since I want to add some stuff like trees, rocks and hills later on and there will be several different boards, I want to save them as scenes in jME, and thus it’s not really an option to just write code that creates a quad, textures it and then creates spatials for other objects (unless I really won’t get used to that whole Blender stuff).

Hi! Yes, you do have to UV Unwrap the plane in Blender. Set the image in the UV Map view. Then, in the Properties window (usually on the right side of the screen or open it), scroll over to the Textures section (looks like a little checkerboard icon) and click the “New” button, then set the type to “Image or Movie”, then in the drop down find the image you used when you assigned it in the UV Mapper. The texture property has to be set in order for JME to pick it up. Let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

Select New File → Blender → UV mapped box in the SDK.

Amazing! Thank you, Monkey Lover, it works perfectly now. The object is pretty heavily influenced by ambient light, though, but that’s something not so important for the moment. I simply tried to paint the texture on the standard Blender box and added it to the “HelloCollision” scene. Cheers to you, dude!

Normen, thank you too for pointing that out. Seems pretty useful for later development stages.

Awesome, glad you got it working!

So, your ambient light isn’t working how you’d expect?

Well, it works with all other objects in the scene so I guess it’s rather a problem with my cube. It’s just too bright, but like I said, that’s not that much of a problem right now because I currently don’t really need an ambient light in my actual application.