How to upgrade the blender included with the SDK

I want to upgrade the blender I got along with jme. I can’t find any upgrade buttons inside blender or otherwise. How do I upgrade or replace it?

What do you get out of the included blender that you would lose by installing blender separately and just running it?

I don’t want an old blender version that I won’t use.

The one that’s bundled will tend to be older. Unless there’s a compelling reason you’re tied specifically to that version, you can just download and install the current version from Blender’s website and use that one. If you don’t want the old one taking up space and cluttering your application menus, just uninstall it.

You can also use the platform independant variant (.zip file), which does not come with blender and a jdk, so that’s a way smaller download file then.

The bundled blender serves besides convenience one important cause, which is why it’s version is kinda pinpointed to pre-2.8:
You can convert .fbx and others directly to j3o in the SDK. Internally it will import the fbx into blender and then convert the .blend file to j3o.

The blender loader is incompatible with 2.8 and thus that doesn’t work anymore. We also can’t blindly export gltf though, because that probably requires manual fixing of materials and all of that.

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