How to upload an Avatar?


i tried to Upload an avatar for the forum, and it said “Sorry, the image you are trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 50KB), please resize it and try again.”

So I reduced the size of the image to 50kB and got the same message.
So I reduced the size of the image to 49kB and got the same message.
So I reduced the size of the image to 30kB and got the same message.

So I thought maybe the image size matters as well as the file size and I downloaded an existing Avatar and saw it was 45px big and got the same message.
So I reduced it again to 39px because of rounding errors and got the same message.

I just tried to upload a16x14 px 0.8kB file and got told that it exceeds 50KB in size
Please state all of the limitations in the error message and if its broken, fix.

Avatar uploading is disabled afaik. The forum allowed uoads of photos and avatars, but due to too many uploads, it ran out of space and crashed, so the uploading had to be disabled. Not sure if gravatar works though, it doesn’t for me.

try to use a jpg format

Pngs don’t work for uploading, jpegs do. Which is a goddamn travesty when you think about it as the page then converts everything to png for some fucking reason. It’s like a conspiracy against transparent backgrounds.


Twas the monthly WIP threads. All the uploads chomped away at the space. I think gravatar works, though. theres no option for avatars only afaik :confused:

many thanks

the forum HAS to update the error message!!!

the forum will try to download the gravatar for some reasons probably the ones that @MoffKalast mentioned. and it will fail :wink: the gravatar won’t work.



Isn’t Discourse open source though? Perhaps we should open a few tickets.

I managed to upload a 1kb PNG file yesterday, but yeah I got a ton of errors before it went through.