How to Use Different Reference Paths Using Git

Hi there,

I’m currently using git to work across multiple machines and am having trouble with the reference libraries.

Because on PC A the reference path to the external libraries is different than PC B.

As a result every time the project is synced with one or the other machines, the reference path is wrong and has to be reset.

I’m sure there’s a solution to this as it has to be a common problem I just don’t know what it is.

How would I go about having the proper reference path no matter what machine I’m on?

Solved using relative path rather than absolute

Even though you solved it already:

My solution is, that i dont commit project files from the IDE’s
but use a gradle buildscript that generates them for each machine.

You don’t need any buildscript at all,
you can once copy the IDE’s project files, then set everything up.

If you now set the IDE’s files to .gitignore, you can savely start commiting as they won’t be synced that way.

Sure, the buildscript part is only if you have a complex project setup, and dont want to do it on all your pc’s manually. Else it will work fine without.