How to use engine,i am noobie

i am new to this jmonkey engine,i know fundametals of java and i am intersted to devalop games using java ,i need some guidence for doing or making games ,i dont know how to start and how to pratice ,anyone help?

Click the wiki link in nav bar at top or left. Click and read all the other links there to.


Hello H,

Wow, that a tall order when starting from scratch but I guess we all do something like that in life since birth.


Well, thats a help indeed, but you will need to have some footing in the “fundamentals of Math” as in Vectors, Quaternions for rotation…but before that I would suggest getting some BASIC fundamentals (sans Quaternions), here is a link, not the best but also not the worst…

Its at least a start, you have a valid question but its quite a tall order.

Well, I recently (no put down) remembered that there is this thing called “the web”. (I lost my book and forgot to use the web for the pdf version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). So in my library of resources I found: (You can get the pdf versions of these books!!!)

1.) A Game Design Vocabulary - Anna Anthropy, Naomi Clark (Addison Wesley)
2.) Beginning Java 8 Games Development - Wallace Jackson (Apress)
3.) Designing the User Experience of Game Development Tools - David Lightbown (CRC Press)

THE BEST RESOURCE, She has the whole idea from 20,000 ft view to close up…EXCEPTIONAL Resource!!!
4.) Game Design Essentials - Briar Lee Mitchell (Sybex)

Then of course since you are here look at the great JME Tutorials (AFTER) you get the idea of how to make games then ask yourself WHAT kind of game do you want to make. Don’t go for a massive multi player Ninja dark knight wargame, try PONG!!!

The JME Tutorials are at:
(Amazing how one can type in “JME Tutorials” and up pops a link!) Again no put down just a reminder to myself for doing this a long time and I as in myself dropped the ball in doing that when I couldn’t find my book!

The tutorials are a great start to “practice” and again I would suggest that AFTER you read the fundamentals of gaming AND the JME tutorials THEN make a simple PONG game.

I would suggest try it first just using Java and not the engine, so that you get an idea of simple concepts then repeat using JME!!!

Down the road you will need models (Blender is best but set aside 5 months for tutorials, Neil Hirsig from Tufts university has THE BEST on getting acquainted with Blender, about 3 weeks but VERY worthwhile, he has THE BEST) and LOTS of other fundamentals i.e. Foley (Sounds), ALWAYS use “story boarding” #4 reference does this EXCEPTIONALLY…well the list is quite intensive, but just start with RESEARCH then READ some more, then some more, then take a step with making PONG and go from there.

Its a fair question with a infinite amount of answers and a huge but VERY doable learning curve so START with a blank note book (yes PAPER) and a pencil (YES, the wooden kind) and as you go make EXTENSIVE notes, you will be VERY happy when you can look at your notes and find, “Hey I knew that one !”, and you will for its quite an open ended (but fair) question you proposed so as you go along the learning path MAKE NOTES!!!

I can’t stress that enough…

Best of luck!



Ummm that would be a NO!!!

That is WHY we use the forum.

I am not accusing you of being a spammer but a nieve posting with an even shorter follow up of trying to get personal info is VERY suspicious!

Use the forum that IS why it is there!!!

PLUS, Why just ME??? (as I said suspicious) for there are a WONDERFUL bunch of people in this nice community!!!

Yeah, private help for free is almost a bit like slavery.

Public help for free is altruism.


@pspeed Yeppers :joy: Can I quote that??? Right on!!!

Sure. I say it nearly every time someone PMs me for help. lol

Well, in this PARTICULAR case, so will I :stuck_out_tongue:

But, as I say out of all bad comes good, my extended reply to him I hope helps others!

I can say I have only read a handful books cover to cover but #4 in my list above is a MUST!!!

I can share my pdf if you like for I got it from a free pdf site…It really IS the BEST out there on the subject of games, to selling, story boarding, the WHOLE ENCHILADA!!!

And that is from a “altruistic public helper” :wink:



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