How to use JME3 nicely with git?

So some background, I’m new to development with JME. I am not however new to programming, I’m an experienced C++ developer and while I have been learning java over the last few months and I would hardly classify myself as a beginner.

I have a git repository setup to manage my source code. Generally speaking one does not want to check in user specific information, but I’m not sure what information is user specific in the JME project tree. For example, I see some *.so files which are hardly required for windows users.

Can some one enlighten me as to which files are minimally required for code sharing?


projectDir/resources (if you have one)

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Excellent! Thanks for the prompt response!

You’re welcome.

Note: the resources directory shows up if you set certain project settings and some of the items in the resources folder can be customized so it’s often a good idea to check it in with the rest of the project if you customize it.

If you commit using the SDK it will automatically omit folders like build and dist.

And then theres me who just dumped the whole jme svn inside a git repro^^

What about <Project>/nbproject/private/*?

@nullify said: What about <Project>/nbproject/private/*?

Yes, all of nbproject.

@pspeed said: Yes, all of nbproject.

Ok, maybe not.

I’ll defer to someone else on that one. It looks to be machine specific and I don’t team with others. I check it in because I don’t want to lose it.

I did NOT check <Project>/nbproject/private/* into the repository and everything seemed okay so I’m guessing it’s not needed.