How to use JMonkey in Geany

Hi guys.

So my teacher wants me to use Geany for my project. Is there a way for me to use JME with geany or is that impossible? Just BasicGame would be fine.

This is my first time using the forum, sorry if I put this in the wrong category.

Geany is just a code editor, nothing fancy, you can use gradle or mvn or bash on terminal, just clone this and download on your harddisk then code using your favorite editor.

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On the subject of a gradle template. Something we’ve been working on is the jmonkey initializer which you can see at If you fill in the form there it will produce a zip with a starter project (using gradle). Looks like geany is a light weight editor where you give it a command line argument to build? If so with gradle what you’d want is:

gradlew run

or on linux I think it’s

./gradlew run