How well supported is Open GL 2.0 or 1.0?

I play tested my game on a few older computers, and the number one reoccurring problem was the graphics support. I got messages like pixels not accelerated (that’s not exactly what it said, I can’t remember), and Open GL 2.0 not supported.

My question is how many computers out there won’t be able to support the graphics of JME 3? If you took 10 computers that were made after 2004, how many of them wouldn’t support Open GL 2.0 or 1.0? I’m talking about business computers. Ones you find in schools or offices.

Not really answering ur question but take a look at this survey: <-- this is not including china, those guys still run windows xp on their pcs, with really poor driver support, since their hardware is new.

Well everythng except atom based system can do opengl nowadays, but only if the driver is installed for the graficcard, else they will fallback to most coimmon denominator backup drivers from the ninetees. (Or worse on linux to fbdevice drivers from the beginning of computers)

Yeah, most of the time the problem isn’t he card but the silly MS windows driver that has no proper OpenGL support. Tell your users to install the driver from the card manufacturer (NVidia, AMD) instead, most Steam users already have that.

Okay, thanks, those are exactly the answers I was looking for. I’ll provide my users with some links to the common card manufacturer driver websites.

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