I designed a more modern main page

I thought I would try to make a contribution and design a new homepage.
I’m curious to see if this might eventually be put on the official homepage if some improvements are added. Let me know what you all think.

Key Changes:
Made the background dark gray, just like the hub and store:

Added a list of supported platforms

Added some more pictures including some bananas, making it seem more “monkey-ish”

Now I am definitely not the best at visual design, so I am probably going to need some ideas.
Here is the repo:
It contains simply 1 html and a folder with the assets.


Sorry to say, but I’m afraid the main page was just re-invented very recently, so a total rebuild isn’t likely to happen right now.

But perhaps some of the ideas can be blended in if people like them. The white background at the bottom is indeed a bit of a shock to my eyes (I’m used to darker sites and screens). However the current design looks very sharp, awesome and modern IMO. (That’s coming from someone who has numerous “force dark theme” browser plugins to save my eyes…)

Perhaps you could offer to contribute a light/dark mode setting toggle button which changes the white background to the grey you mention.

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I know it was recently updated, but this is an improvement of it, mostly for the purpose of new ideas. And I’ll be patient :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Well I know I would at least appreciate such a light/dark mode toggle, if someone were to work on it. :wink:

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That would be good, but it for it to be more complete, the hub and store should have that option too. But since they don’t (not yet at least), I thought it would be better to just make the homepage dark themed.

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Has anyone taken into consideration that no one does dark themes for web sites.

I have not seen one ever and I search the web hundreds of times a day.


Well that is up to @jayfella. Btw Unity and Unreal use dark theme.

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I’ve seen lots of dark/light toggles, though (which “remember” the state per browser).

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For me, Unreal is dark. Unity is not. Unity is like JME’s page, mostly white.

Steam is dark. Blender is white. Playstation is mixed but mostly white. etc.

A lot of game-specific sites (like site for the game itself) tend to be dark.

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I see unreal has one, and it looks like crap. Unity just has black content mixed and it looks like crap also.

I’m not saying we need to be like them, but I used them for an example because @jayfella modeled the showcase section after Unity’s.

Whose main site is white with a black header and footer… like JME’s.

Looking carefully it is a mix

But as I said in my original post, I can always change background color, I’m just curious to see how well my design is accepted by the community

Of photos and white… the dark parts are photos. The photo is the background and the photo happens to be dark.

The “dark” parts are the header and footer. The same as JME’s main page.

This would be a good addition.

Who would be the one to actually put this on the main site, jayfella?

Ok so I’ve done all the preparation work, where in that directory is the current main page? I only see the sublinks. I’ve never done this before so you can give me a lesson.

Also, is it simply possible to make a PR at this repo?

Were both in need since I only know of the repo, never tried doing anything with it. Looks to be an interesting setup though.

It says if you did things right that there will be a ./public folder and a ./website/public so do you have those?

The ./website/public is said to contain the editable files so I assume if there is nothing there but links you may of missed a step?

I hope I didn’t miss a step, problem is its pretty hard for me to get a grasp on. I only get the website directory, not the public one, which is where I am running into problems at.