I need a push in the right direction

I am a seasoned Java developer and I am looking to start developing 3d games, but have no clue where to start. Can anyone suggest a series of books or something to get started in this discipline?

Well for one we have the jme book out

While I myself have not read it so far, I assume it is great from the contributions the author already made to the jme3 wiki.

What i suggest is for the start to make something kinda simple and then expand it. (And for a warning boxworlds like mincraft are the opposite of simple, they just look that way)

A possible somewhat good overseeable game would for example be Battleship(s). Useing different colored boxes for the ship tiles would allow for a fast start without the initial work to get models working. (This can of course be done later then)

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I think the world has enough Minecraft knock-offs already.

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