I need some game recommendations

If you have played a game that makes you feel very good, I hope you can recommend it to me :grinning:


I like games, with big good Lores but the Lore should not prevent from gaming (for example by text walls or long cutscenes), for example The elders scrolls, Fallout, Dead Cells and Touhou Project (last one is Japanese). Diablo is the same kind. These games are “If you want to learn about the Lore, do it, if not, just play the game”.

I like also Puzzle Games like Keen: One-girl army (in my opinion great but very short), DROD, Plague Inc. and The game of robot.

Also Buildup/Economic simulations without Micro management like StarTopia, TwoPoint Hospital, TwoPoint Campus and JoWood’s giant series (Traffic giant, The industry giant, Industry giant 2, Hotel giant and Transport giant).


Thank you for your very detailed games recommendation :grinning:

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It depends on what kind of games you like but I know games like Rimworld make me miss entire weekends if I play them. Similar for Factorio.

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I kinda love old-school games, but also new games that bring the old style gaming experience, here are some:

  1. Captain Claw by Monolith Studios (2D).
  2. Future Cop LAPD by EA (3D Arcade game).
  3. NFS Carbon by EA (Racing).
  4. Army Men (kinda RPG).
  5. NFS most wanted.
  6. AC Rouge (Triple A).

Yes, recently I’ve wanted to play games that I’ve never played before that other people have fun with. Find out what’s fun about these games and learn from them

Thank you for your recommendation :grinning:

This is the series that got me hooked on Rimworld:

…I was only 3 episodes in before I had to buy the game and try it myself.

The ice sheet challenge was a lot of fun. Hard but fun.


I can confirm its greatness <3

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Thank you for your recommendation :slight_smile:

My top 10 of all time is:

Lord of the Rings Online
Elder Scrolls Online
Battle for Middle Earth
Dota 2
Pokemon Red
Guitar Hero 2
Halo Reach
Assassin’s Creed Revelations

Also just played red dead redemption 2 recently. There were some things i disliked but it was, overall a masterpiece

Far Cry Primal was super fun.

Cities Skylines … lmao

Lord of the Rings: War in the North was pretty cool

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Also, it’s going to sound dumb, but: Minesweeper.

I play this probably at least once a day before starting to code as it puts my mind in the right space.

I had my time on “Expert” down to 161 seconds which I was pretty sure I would never beat but came close to once or twice recently… then I got a new mouse. Now I struggle to get below 200 seconds.

But it’s always a quick game and tells me how well (or not) my brain is working and whether I should be doing one type of work or another. Some days I instantly know that I should just work on art. lol


I think I know what you mean, I usual play a round Touhou Project to “put my mind in the right space”. It lets me “detach” from all around, so I am full focused on the code.

Thank you for your recommendation

rockstar games’ games are always classic

Umm, has no one mentioned Skyrim?
I’m more surprised than when I got an arrow to the knee.


We Become What We Behold : small but thoughtful
Evoland : wow~ the good old time~
old MUD games: your own imagination is always limitless
Close Combat series: a perfect RTS game for me. (nonethless, ruined by the army) and in memory of Cornelius Ryan
Home World series: epic space game, the use of skybox and BGM makes a convincing “space feeling”
Fallout series:
Xcom series:
Heroes of might and magic 3: good game , this mythology game actually has a SiFi core :smiley:

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If you like puzzle-platformers then I just remembered some great and relatively short games.

Inside - moody atmospheric puzzler… pretty much a perfect game. The graphics and mood are superb and the story (such as it is) unfolds without dialog… and just gets stranger all the time.

Unravel - another good puzzle platformer… more traditional. Basically some nice physics puzzles with near photo-realistic graphics. The story also unfolds without dialog and is quite touching.

These are older games and so are probably inexpensive now.


A very simple fun tactic game is Creeper World. There was a free version called “Creeper World: Evermore” but that was a Flash game. There are many websites that still offer it but I don’t know, if their Flash emulators are good enough to enjoy it.

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Thank you for your recommendation

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Hey bro,
I want to give you suggestion, I tried to think what games I always played each year for sometime after their initial releases these 10 in the list won I also tell you which of them i achieved full trophy to know the weight of my passion to them:

1. Death by Degrees (Wow man I like this one a lot it was one of those games I played in childhood daily )
2. GOW series mostly God of War 2
3. Resident Evil 4
4. Dark Souls 3 (achieved all trophies)
5. Blood Born (achieved all trophies)
6. Dragon Age: inquisition (achieved all trophies)
7. Evil Within
8. Mass Effect Andromeda
9. Sonic The hedgehog
10. Watch dogs 

I recommend you cinematic, long cinematic, with good story line also action, i think any game with these characteristics long cinematic, good story, being both action and adventure can get my attention(I don’t care about being pbr or high quality or so if even you make it like ps1/2 graphics i’m sure gonna play it), also I really like the camera placement like those in GOW and Death By Degrees I made a little scene like that my self sometime back I’m always into make a game with that kinda camera placements!

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