Ideas for an MMORPG

HI everyone!

I’m making an mmorpg, meaning I need classes (e.g. Warrior, Rogue, etc.)
If you know any nice class comment below!
Please also comment any special abilities the class should have and several stats, like strength/defense/agility.

I already (succesfully) put the following classes in my game:

  • Warrior (mainly AoE, very high strength)
  • Necromancer (summon hordes of undead + all kills result in a multiplier for more summoning)
  • Beastmaster (tame an animal)
  • Ranger (fast ambush)
  • Rogue (sneaky beaky)

Possible additions:

  • Programmer (code your own attacks or do some high tech ranged attacks)
  • Farmer (get points to buff from plants)
  • Something like TF2’sengineer

Haters in this thread:

This is just for fun!

By the way, why do people call me “kid”, I prefer the term n00b or just noob.

Um… Farmer? Can produce useful stuff from nearby plants? Mainly support class.
(Just a random idea I got)

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How about this:
A Farmer has the ability to yield from nearby vegetations, which will grants points (farmer points or something).
With these points, the farmer can buff people (like a healer) or do special nature attacks.

This way a farmer is more like a sorcerer than a fighter, which only makes it weirder.

I’ll write it down!

ADOM has a nice farmer class. All about survival with him.

Just to say : the hard part in an mmo is not the class definition. It’s not even in damage calculation, ability tree or dialog/quest management.
You’ll face 2 problem that you’ll likely not be able to overcome:

  1. resources. An mmo involves models, musics, animations, textures, shaders, effecs, maps, dialogs and many more things that are not related to programming and are really time consuming. You’ll need lot of them, and you’ll find that to have even one of them it requires more time and investment that you can give. MMO is, imo, the second hardest kind of game to do (the first being rts).
  2. network, persistent world, world optimizations (load and unload things), is something not impossible but nearly, at least when you never tried (and failed) to do it. It something that will impact your game a lot, really early in development, and mistakes you made there will root very deeply in your project.

Making an MMO “for fun” is definitly not a good idea, especially if you have problems to define classes for characters (when it’s something … that really doesn’t matter. Actually, you shouldn’t have separate classes for them, you should have only one classes that handle a character, allow him to use abilities etc, and a database containing abilities, stats multiplicators etc.
You can have a look at some pokemon databases.

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I think that the op is referring to in-game classes – not Java classes. I do, however, agree with the rest of your post. Also, to the op, if you’re having trouble with assets, you could try writing a procedural generator for them.

…and on top of all the technical challenges and content creation, you’ll have to face another problem: building a player base and face the competition. Of course you don’t want to play a MMORPG all by yourself, don’t you?

I don’t think he will go on the market with his game, at least when he is developing the game on his own. But in my opinion he has a first idea of his MMORPG and that’s good, isn’t it? Furthermore he nearly will learn all of the classes, structures, etc. jME provides. He will do network programming, animation system, AI Control for the enemies, level design (more or less), player interaction handling, and so on … Of course this hard, but if he is starting small and building his game step by step, he probably is going to archieve his goal. :slight_smile:


First of all, I know it’s hard, that’s why I’m doing it. I do not want to release it or anything. This is how I came on the idea:
I started off with a small RPG game in eclipse (only using the console) to get used to Java classes.
After a while I started using LWJGL. My initial project was an isometric game with only sprites. I found LWJGL too hard for now, so I started using jMonkeyEngine, and continued my initial RPG, slowly wanting to make it an MMO.

Second of all, I’m talking about in-game classes. I make these classes in a PlayerFactory.

Thirdly, resources aren’t a problem as I’m not even going to release it. The player model for a Warrior is now a table and it used to be a box. I try to focus more on mechanics, else I’m only struggling with Blender or vague websites.

Fourthly, you (@bubuche) say that I shouldn’t try to make a persistent world for I never failed. That makes 0 sense: if I don’t try, how can I fail?

Last of all, I want to thank @Domenic for understanding me, and @grizeldi and @tonihele for actually sticking to the topic, not criticising my motivations.


This topic has hit quite close to home for me, I’m currently teaching my son differential calculus, well trying to… he is 4 months old.


Another random idea: birdkeeper
Has hawks, eagles etc which do work/fighting/scouting for him.

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a game developer class: he has the special ability of being able to enter the highest level dungeons and bosses at lvl1


I don’t want to be “that guy” but honestly I doubt it. I think I’ve seen a few dozen of MMORPG attempt on the jme forum, and very few have materialized. :expressionless:

Just statistics… I don’t want to demotivate, just advice to learn from the mistakes of others… don’t try to make a leap that is bigger than your possibilities. Focus on a reachable goal instead.

That’s like a game master, but then as a class.
I actually wanted to add this as a part of the debug stuff.

Your pessimism only makes my motivation stronger.


By your fourth MMO rewrite, it should be pretty solid.

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Note: “above your level” is different than “hardest possible level”.

I mean, you can start learning to juggle with chainsaws right away but it might be better to learn to juggle a lot of other things first and work your way up. That’s sort of the point everyone else is making.

Why start with the thing that literally everyone who tries fails at? But anyway, I think most people must have completely forgotten what the first ‘m’ in MMO means, anyway.

I know you need a “mass” în a Mass Multiplayer Online Role Play Game, but I just want to set up the servers etc. so I know how that works.

Well, I don’t see the point on taking down his motivation. Some advices are always welcome but ey!, what if he just wants to do, like he said, something just for fun!.

Yep, that for sure. And surely that what he wanted to try to make (or at least is what I understood from his first post) is more what I would call MLRPG (Multiplayer Lan RPG) or even a small online thing. That’s not too hard and for fun can be funny xD, what is the real point in this case… maybe.