I’m currently working on a project with another JME user. But beyond that I wanted to create a 3d fps. But on top of that I wanted to make a rogue-like nethack game using 3d graphics (but still on a plane).

Anybody know if there has been any other Rogue-like games made with JME?

I’ve already seen FPS’s done with JME3-- so perhaps my work will be redundant.

Anyone see any interest in seeing a Roguelike come to life with 3d gfx? Anybody ever programmed an rpg/dungeon-crawl like that? Is it really complicated? Seems like it would be.

I keep getting distracted by different project ideas. Someone told me I seem to have ADD or something! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am developing an RPG/Dungeon Crawler. Be prepared that if you want to make dungeons interesting, you have to spend a lot of time modeling misc stuff. You will also have to find a good way to cull stuff that can’t be viewed from the player - making absolutely sure the player doesn’t see any empty patches, or on the other hand have too many objects being rendered uselessly. This is because too many objects will increase vertex count. You must also be wary about lights, and how to use them.

I’d advise a prototype before you start.

Cool! I’m thinking of making a real light weight Rogue-like for the Atodev competition. Gotta start from scratch…

Can’t wait to see your progress! Ever played the old Ultima Underworld games? Is it anything like that?

Similar. Better graphics etc… More something like Skyrim on a lower scale.

I’ve decided to switch from an RPG to a first-person-shooter/sentry-defense game called Siege Sentry.

Good luck. Let us know about the progress :slight_smile: