If i want to export gltf(jme mesh) How can i do

i want to export gltf by jme

You can’t.

JME can import GLTF. JME can’t export anything.

im not sure why you need it, since in 99,99% cases need just import, the only case on mind is that you are doing some model Editor.

Anyway You would need write exporter yourself in this case, because its not needed for a games to export models, only to import. (so like Paul said there is build-in import only, because export is not needed)

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Possibly exporting to .OBJ would be easier, then you can use blender to convert it.
Here’s an old thread you could use for inspiration:

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Make a jme application that:

  1. loads the j3o
  2. get the Mesh object
  3. iterate over the mesh buffers like the code in the link
  4. write output to a text file (.obj)

Load .obj with blender and export as .gltf

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That’s a good way to go

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.obj dont support animations or morph shapes or PBR material

while .gltf do. So it would be ok only if model have no animations.