I'll be back

Hey all,

I have some very important exams coming up that will determine my future, so I need to revise heavily…etc

My exams end on the 25th of January, so that means from now till then, I wont be able to do any coding :frowning:

I’ll still be popping in and out of the forums for a couple of minutes.

Il be back… :slight_smile:

they didn’t go tooo badly. The results come out in march time, just before the easter holidays. So that we can feel sorry for ourselves over easter :wink:

I need a high A in chemistry, an average A in maths, and a B in biology would do (cause overall, i still get an A :D). Those grades would be like heaven for me, if i dont get em, i can always retake the exam in june (although no the same questions :frowning: )

Anyways, whats important is that im coding again, and it feels superly uber to be able to run eclipse again!


Glad you’r back :slight_smile:

So how did they go then?

:// I neva saw your reply. Sorry chman, and thanks for your support.

I actually had my last exam today! Hurray…i can get back to coding properly and not just posting stupid comments :wink:

Good luck for your exams :slight_smile: