Imperfect braid maze generator

Anyone has an good maze generator routine to share ?
I am looking for an imperfect braid 2d one but anything you have for sharing it will be great !

See: Monkey Trap.

The code was moved to github with the rest of the contrib projects but the google code links still work too. It’s easy to translate them.

Anyway, it has a maze generator in it. Not an “only one path” type, though.

Humm that looks very good !
I just washed this movie : Monkey Trap - Single Player 0.1 - YouTube
Even the maze seems to be exactly what I need, I will take a look !
Thank you !

I did notice in this game, you built an array of floors…
Would be easy and bether to have only one big quad floor ?

Then you’d see floor everywhere even inside the walls, yes?

Edit: also I reuse the same mesh for the ‘fog of war’ effect and there it’s really required to have separate quads for every ‘cell’ in the maze. No reason not to reuse and it looks better anyway.

I see… Nice effects ! :slight_smile: