Implement proland algorithms

my favorite engine for a long time has been proland, which is now an open source c++/opengl realtime planet rendering engine.

unfortunately it became open source just last month, after i was THISSSSS close to officially choosing jMonkeyEngine for my project.

i think it would be awesome, since it has recently been open sourced, to implement a terrain system in jmonkey

not knowing you individually, i have no idea of the complexity of converting not only from c++ to java, but from one framework/engine to another

nevertheless, i am not a believer letting good things go to waste, and i would HOPE taht … ultimately… the idea is for this engine to have planet rendering capability built in (even if ten years from now) so why not start now…

i would honestly prefer to use a java engine with the support of jmonkey but features of proland, than use a c++ engine such as proland, so i decided to see first if anyone thinks it would be cool/feasible

either that or i have to fork proland and add features to it (and try to build a decent c++ client api using what is availble for the java based reddwarf server)

Users have created multiple planet renderers already… Something with a lot of options requires a lot of work, we don’t add things we cannot maintain.

C++ to Java isn’t a particularly hard port. C++ to Java with a clean and efficient result though is much harder…and converting from one framework/engine can be either a nightmare, easy, or impossible - depending on the differences between the frameworks/engines.