Implementing fog in jme3 on android

how can I implement fog without using Fog FilterPostProcessor in jme3? since jme3 FilterPostProcessor is not compatible with android

Hi there,

I tried this but there is no loader for the post process filter on Android (or you have to register a loader, Im not sure).

You can try creating one on the fly and applying it, which I’ve heard works.

But the only thing I know is trying to simply load a .j3f will not work.

Why this is the case I’m not sure, perhaps you can try and register an asset loader.

thanx for replying.

Nehon do you have any luck with implementing filter post process on android yet?

I didn’t try tbh.
Most likely it would end up in something very slow and not really usable.
However, did you try to use it?
Framebuffers shouldn’t be an issue anymore as @iwgeric had fixed them. So filters should work to some extent.

Yes i tried to use the bloom filter but it did’nt worked on my android since it involves filter post processor

Well, when you want help with that problem you should post about it with some information so it’s possible to help.