Implementing value mappings for shader nodes

The latest git of JME has this commit. Is there any more info on value mappings. The shader node docs don’t seem to mention them.

I’m going to start implementing support it in jMB after release 1.7.0. This thing needs to simplify design of some shaders from artists. I think it isn’t interesting for developers.

I’m writing shader nodes. Quite a few of them. So was interested for that reason. The nodes should be compatible with any node editor. Sorry should have been more descriptive in the OP.

It’s an optional feature, it doesn’t breaks the node editor from SDK.

By the way, you can ask @Darkchaos about supporting this feature in SDK :slight_smile:

The State can be tracked here Support for Value Mappings · Issue #158 · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub, however don’t expect it soonish (exam phase)