Import ragdoll from blender

I am a hobyist/java programmer and stumbled by accident on jmonkeyengine. I’ve really liked what I’ve seen so far and even decided to try and learn blender.

Now I want to create a character, animate it and let it walk around the map. but when the character “dies” it should stop acting like a character and become a “ragdoll like” object. If your familiar with gta4 for example you now what I mean.

Is this possible and if so how?

if not, is there a workaround?

Well, the PhysicsRagdollController (TestBoneRagdoll) was an approach of @Momoko_Fan doing just that, using the animation bones for physics… But it brings several problems such as how do you define the “thickness” of the limbs etc… Also the character has to be rigged in a way so that the physics make sense. So its not working properly right now, the animation system resets the bones and the model doesnt move but even if it doesnt it looks strange (wit OTO at least…). The basic approach is simply creating a ragdoll from physics nodes and syncing the limb bone locations accordingly. I guess cloning the animation controls skeleton, using it to create a completely new AnimationController for ragdoll animation and setting that to the Spatial would be a good approach.

If you manage to come up with something or even create a new animation controller type from the PhysicsRagdollController, let us know :slight_smile:

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What normen is saying is, its complicated and nobody has gotten around to fully figuring it out yet.

As much as we all like ragdolls, we would have to hold our passions for the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

normen, thanks for the fast reply.

looks like it isn’t really possible yet.

I am going to try myself a bit but don’t expect much XD

ow momoko Fan, I just spotted your post.

To bad that it doesn’t work at all, I hope that “for the time” will be short :stuck_out_tongue:

if I create an animated scene in blender and import it in jmonkeyengine, does it work? (probably not)

You can export bone animations from blender using OgreXML.

You can create animated scenes, if by animated you mean the models have armature-based animation.

dow, I made a mistake.

I meant scenes with physics in it.


Hello guys,

last spring I worked with XNA (don’t even try) and my solution for this was using some rag dolls from JigLibX, they where basically some boxes with joints between them with physics. I made them all invisible and disabled the joints. Then I imported a model with animated bones and when animated I moved the physic boxes to the same positions as the bones.

If the character “died” the animation was disabled and the joints where enabled.

Hope this will give you some ideas.


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carlaimmoth, I will try that, thanks for the tip